A little bit about me...

I'm Liz Mercuri. I'm a computer game software development graduate and a Technical Evangelist at Unity.

In 2014, I was gratefully awarded a Prince William Scholarship, a partnership between BAFTA & Warner Bros. This enabled me to study an MSc in Computer Game Software Development at Sheffield Hallam University.

In 2016, I was featured in Develop's 30 Under 30 & I attended GDC in San Francisco with Microsoft as part of their Game Changers (Women in Games) Initiative.

I'm a proud member of BAFTA Crew Games & Warner Bros. Creative Talent and I've had the pleasure of writing a few jolly articles & a number of guest blogs.

Highlights of my career so far include the incredible opportunity to speak at the Education Summit at GDC 2017 and the honour of being a jury member for the 2016 BAFTA Games Awards for Games Design. 

I love programming, I love learning & I love computer games!

I'm incredibly thankful for the support that I've received & the opportunities that I've been given on my journey so far.

I'm a very lucky sausage.